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Jil Nigeria Ltd. (Pharmaceuticals) is an emerging force in the Pharmaceutical industry. We started out in the practice of Community Pharmacy before making our mind to venture into the larger market. Stephanie Health-Plus (Jil Nigeria Ltd) hence stopped pharmaceutical retailing and went into importation of quality drugs, we are situated in the heart of the mainland metropolis of Lagos with easy access to us and also for us to reach you. The new mode of business therefore made us to expand our staff strength. As at today, Stephanie Health-Plus (Jil Nigeria Ltd), now has its own registered products

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Here at Jil Nigeria Ltd. (Pharmaceuticals), we are determined to establish ourselves in the healthcare delivery system in Africa and beyond. We have a culture of stocking, dispensing, and administering the drugs that are from unquestionable sources, characterized by the highest possible quality, while complying with all known safety and therapeutic standards, without creating additional financial burden for our patients.

We are focused on winning the trust of the physicians, the patients, as well as everyone who we have to transact business with, through honest and reliable contributions to the health sector. We are determined not to make any bogus claims that will tamper with our integrity. We shall strongly pursue the goal of adding good value to the health and life style of the society we all live in. We are resolute not to stock, market or donate to the society, drugs that do not meet with the claims of the manufacturers. We want to reduce the patient’s expenses on the drugs without reducing the quality of the same drugs.

Our mission is to market the highest quality of pharmaceuticals, with an unequal passion for global economic healthcare in Africa and beyond.

To train qualified pharmacists, health scientist as well as all other stake holders in the health profession, to help market quality and economic drugs all over Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world

Our Partners:
We are in collaboration with various pharmaceutical and pharma- consulting companies in and outside Nigeria so as to help us with the delivery of products that would meet the needs of you our esteemed people .

Core Values:
Research Development: At a time in life when technology has taken over, the chances of encountering health hazards are on the high. We at Stephanie Health-Plus are hereby committed to research works through our collaborations with our major pharma consulting partners HB- Pharmafix Nigeria Ltd (Stephanie Health Plus). in Nigeria and some of our foreign associates that would help with research work to further enhance and help us get clues to containing some of the illnesses we could pick up especially from reasons accrued by technology.

Credibility: We are a people that have chosen to stay true to the ethics of the business and profession. At Jil, there is no room for compromise.

Commitment:We are committed to serving you and that is the bedrock of our existence.

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